Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our great God

Dear God we praise you because you are the limitless boundless endless God .. no words can fully describe no mind can fully comprehend you.. the universe is just a glimpse of your greatness your majesty and your glory.. we praise you .. no one and nothing can contain you ... you are the most wonderful God, the greatest love, our saviour.. there is truly none like you God! Everything on earth pales in comparison to you.. the songs we sing .. words we use .. images we think of .. even the beauty of nature we see in this world does not compare to the fullness of your majesty and who you are .. Lord you are truly amazing .. I pray that I can be devoted to you all the days of my life .. please keep me close by your side .. may I walk with you every day  .. may I lean on you and rely on you in every moment .. may I think of you and live for you every day .. in everything I do, in all my wants - I pray that your desires and plans be planted deeply in those things. Thank you for revealing yourself to us.. thank you for sending us your son to show us more of you and to show us your love ... it is truly amazing that we are even able to know you! God there is still so much more we haven't seen of you .. I pray that I can humbly follow you day by day .. May I not be caught up and bound by pride and knowledge .. may I not contain you to only what I know.. may I not control and plan but I pray that I can have faith and have great expectations because you are our great God.

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